???? Special CPID Server Guidelines & Rules ????

  • Mexican Operator Lock: MXO - This carrier includes an additional MDM-style lock. Even after a successful job completion, the phone re-locks within minutes after a reboot. ???? Not Supported

  • Before initiating repairs or unlocking, ensure the device isn't locked by device services, payment services, KG, or MDM. If the device has been tampered with or its EFS has been altered, ???? Not Supported.

Adherence to these guidelines ensures smooth processing. Thank you for your cooperation! ????????

????️ Critical Pre-Processing Checks to Avoid Server Slot Wastage ????

  1. Device/Payment Services Check:

    • Navigate to Settings -> About Device -> Status Information. If "Device" or "Payment Services" are seen, the device is KG locked. Do not proceed with repair or unlock.
  2. Radio Off Detection:

    • Insert a different carrier SIM card, then go to Settings -> About Device -> Status Information -> SIM Card Status -> Service State. If it shows "Radio Off," the radio is damaged. Do not proceed. Dial *#0011#; if SIM_STATE(0) appears even with the SIM inserted, the device is likely tampered or has hardware damage. Do not process.
  3. MIPI Fail Detection:

    • Dial *#0011#; if "MIPI Fail" appears, it indicates hardware damage. Do not proceed.
  4. T-Mobile / Metro Devices Warning:

    • T-Mobile and Metro devices have an internal database; if the device is not paid off but unlocked via CPID server tool, it won't work on T-Mobile or its prepaid MVNOs (Simple, Metro, Ultra). Before processing, check directly on the T-Mobile website to confirm the device's status.

???? For confirmation, visit the T-Mobile site. If the IMEI search shows "We can’t confirm that this device is unblocked," it won't work on T-Mobile towers.

Adhering to these checks ensures efficient processing. Thank you for your cooperation! ????????

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